It’s an unfortunate fact of life - parts wear out. At Petree & Stoudt, we know the value of a good repair service. Not everything that breaks must be thrown away, and between our precision machine shop and our technical engineering, we know how to revitalize a worn part.

We offer repair services for just about every aspect of the textile industry. Before the molten polymer ever meets a spinneret, it can pass through a P&S repaired spin pack. Later, that yarn may be textured with ceramic discs cleaned by Petree & Stoudt. A P&S-repaired covering spindle might finish off the yarn’s makeup. Then - off to the dyehouse, where the packages could be stacked on a dye spindle and compressed with a P&S repaired top hat.

In short, the next time you lose a vital component due to wear or accident, call Petree & Stoudt first.