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Petree & Stoudt's machine shop boasts approximately 10,000 square feet of CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and assorted metalworking machines in High Point, North Carolina. Our completely automated turning centers, horizontal mills, and vertical mills are complemented by an array of manual lathes and milling centers. Using the latest CAD and CAM technologies (SolidWorks and TekSoft ProCAM), we can go from drawings and solid models to complete parts in just a few hours.

Founded in 1979 to support the then-booming textile market, Petree & Stoudt quickly gained a reputation for solid engineering, quality machining, and on-time delivery. As we added to our staff and grew our shop, we've also grown into new industries.

Today, we quote shop work from all over the country in the aerospace, automotive, consumer product, and other industries through Conveniently based in North Carolina, our engineers and customer service reps routinely travel the South East. Call us (336-861-5538) or send us an email to find out when we'll next be in your area!

CNC Milled Head Sculpture

To learn more about Petree & Stoudt's textile-related work, visit our textile-specific website. You'll find information about some of the European companies we represent (like Rauschert ceramics, Paco filters, and Mycron bobbins). You can also learn about some of the engineering projects we've worked on for textile manufacturers.


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