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Petree & Stoudt has developed a core group of products that we design, manufacture, warehouse, and sell as off-the-shelf items. While many products are related to the textile field, our scope of manufacturing actually reaches many industries. This list of products includes only those that we sell to multiple customers - we zealously protect anything that we've invented or developed for a specific customer.
Package Handlers
- Pick up and move heavy yarn packages with one hand, without ever touching the yarn itself. Many stock sizes available.
Embossing Rolls
- Modular rolls save time and money by allowing you to take out only the damaged portion of an embossing roll for replacement.

Detorque Airjets
- Take the torque out of textured yarn with reliable, efficient airjets. Performance and denier range available on request.

Spinneret Wiping Tools
- Ergonomic, robust, and cost effective tools for cleaning spinneret faces in the spinning process. Many blade options to match your specific pack.
Collapsible Drive Shafts
- Connect drives to pumps, motors to wheels, or any two rotating ends over a span with one of our drive shafts. Key features include varying length, incredible strength, and customizable universal joint ends.

Dye Spindle Latches
- Safer and longer lasting than ball-bearing latches, these stainless steel stoppers will never allow top hats to 'fly off' a dye spindle. Uses the same press-activator as common latches.

Spindle Brakes
- One-handed operation and spindle-saving spring pads mean that our brakes pay for themselves by preserving spindle bearings. Different sizes to choose from.
High Strength Dye Spindles
- Maximize air throughput AND dye spindle rigidity. It's possible with our proprietary spindle production technique. Top hats and latches also available.
Splicing Airjets
- Seamlessly entangle two yarn ends with pressurized air with our amazing splicing jets. Models with and without guides are available.
And More, coming soon!

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