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At Petree & Stoudt, most of the parts we make are Milled, Turned, or both. We also perform secondary milling and turning operations on cast parts, laser or water-jetted parts, custom extrusions, and welded assemblies. Browse through some sample parts below, categorized by their primary machining process.

CNC Turned Parts
We can turn parts to within 0.0005" in diameter out of bar stock, tubing, spun parts, or castings. View our turning equipment list, or take a tour of our shop.

Turned Part Turned from a spun part. Turned from a casting. Turned brass parts.

We can mill, drill, tap, and deburr parts in a single CNC program. Aluminum, brass, steel, or plastic, we can shape just about anything. View our milling equipment list, or take a tour of our shop.
Precision milling on one of our airjets.
Turned to size, then milled.
Precisely milled embossing pattern.
Milled blade with tapered edges.

ASSEMBLED Components
When you need complete assemblies, call us! Some of the samples shown are P&S products currently available for purchase.

Detorque Airjet Spindle Brake Package Handler Yarn Suction Gun

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